What is

Taekwondo Poomse?

Through practising Taekwondo Poomse, we can apply the techniques of hand and foot and the changes of stance learned from the basic techniques adaptability to an actual fighting. It also provides us with the effects on improving flexibility of body and being skilled in strength control, balance control, breath control, eye control and concentration of spirit, as well as cultivating martial art spirit through its mental discipline.


Whilst practising the poomse all movements must be executed with strong and precise motion in order to perform with razor sharp execution, serious technique, and strong presentation. With continuous practise and mastership of the poomse the individual is programming both the mind and the body to react consistently with precision and accuracy.

Poomse (patterns) is recognised as the foundation of Taekwondo. It is the most important tool for teaching the traditional techniques and concepts of Taekwondo. Mastering the movements of each Poomse helps the student develop the level of competence necessary to react to stressful situations that require split second decisions or actions.

By learning and mastering each poomse the student is ensuring that he/she has attained the required knowledge, techniques and skills for the next rank.


This represents the most profound oriental philosophy from which philosophical views on the World, Cosmos and Life are derived. The Taeguk Poomse consists of different movements in sequence. The vital points of this Poomse are to make exact the speed of breath and action and move the body weight properly while executing speedy actions. Thus we can fully realise the main thought of Taeguk.

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 PALGYE:  Supplementary Training

The thought of Palgye, another concept of the ancient Oriental philosophy, implies symbolically all the phenomena of man and universe.


Koryo is the name of an ancient dynasty in the Korean peninsula. The English name of “Korea” originated from the name of this “Koryo” dynasty which was formed for its cultural achievements such as Koryo ceramic and for the valiant spirit of its people with which they defeated the Mongolian aggression.


The word “Kumgang” was originally the meaning of being too strong to be broken. Also, in Budhism, what can break off every agony of mind with the combination of wisdom and virtue is called “Kumgang.” The Poomse “Kumgang” is named after Mount Kumgang, stmbol of solidity, “Kumgang” is also analogous to ‘diamond.’



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